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Member of the Council

Flavio Mazzoni has worked in various professional sectors (since 1980), starting as an internal auditor and then with managerial roles in medium and large international groups. Since 1990 he has been active in the Swiss fiduciary sector, gaining recognized experience in corporate and tax consultancy. He has spent the last 22 years of activity at one of the most important fiduciary companies in the market, distinguishing himself as a manager of outstanding quality and as a member of the Board of Administration of various companies and Foundations. Since 2016 he has been a member of the GICAM Board of Directors.

In 1973 Flavio obtained a diploma as an accountant and commercial expert. He also holds an analyst and programmer diploma from EDP Zurich. Throughout his professional activity, he is always careful to keep himself updated. He has attended multiple administration, accounting and compliance courses, in addition to the SUPSI Tax Law course. An Italian native speaker, he speaks and writes fluently in English, French, Spanish and has good knowledge of Portuguese

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