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Giovanni Scattola joined the board of directors of the GICAM Foundation in June 2023.

Graduated in Electronic Engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan in October 1988, he immediately joined the Pirelli group at the Pirelli Coordinamento Pneumatici company in November of the same year as responsible for the tire sector of the Quality System.

In this role he managed the definition of company rules and procedures valid for all units of the tire group in compliance with the Total Quality System adopted at the time, the definition of quality standards on the finished product and their auditing.

After three years of activity at corporate level, in January 1991, he was transferred to Pirelli Armstrong Tire Corporation at the American operating unit in Hanford (USA). 

In the Hanford plant he first held the role of process quality manager and subsequently more demanding roles, moving to the responsibility of managing the final controls department and then being promoted to manager of the Semi-finished Products Division.

In January 1995 GS returned to Italy called to take care of the family company (Unitable s.p.a.) which operates in the table furniture sector.

In the 6 years spent in the Pirelli GS group he developed significant international experience which he carried over into the activity of the family company, pushing it to open up to export markets that had essentially never been addressed until then.

In 2020 Unitable s.p.a. becomes the object of the attention of the Thun group and GS, with the collaboration of its family members, is responsible for managing the sale to Thun s.p.a. of Unitable s.p.a. which will materialize in January 2021.

Since then Giovanni Scattola has held the role of Executive Advisor for the top management of Thun s.p.a. with the aim of facilitating hand over operations and supporting the definition of internationalization strategies.

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