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Dr Peter Cruse, a distinguished former South African national medical Rhodes Scholar to Oxford University, combines over forty years of clinical and business management expertise. As Chief Specialist Pathologist at Groote Schuur Hospital and Senior UCT Clinical Professor, he has showcased leadership in multi-site and multi-country healthcare settings in five countries. With an MBA and UK training as a Specialist Histopathologist, he excels in deal-making and leadership, contributing significantly to the establishment of hospitals and polyclinics in in developing countries.

Dr. Cruse holds several impactful roles, including Chief Medical Officer and Partner at, Incoming COO and Senior Medical Advisor at in the USA, and Founding Director of Take Note Event Management in South Africa.

His philanthropic dedication is evident in his role as Chief Fundraiser for the South African National Cancer Prevention Society (SANCaPS) and as a Centurion and patron of The Transformation Games, a global movement based in the Hague, which is striving to fund all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

With a remarkable track record, Dr. Cruse is a leader and fundraiser, having raised substantial amounts for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and global Sustainability initiatives, all impacting communities worldwide.

Dr. Cruse joined the GICAM Advisory Committee in January 2024, bringing value through his medical expertise and fundraising experience.

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