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Member of the Council


Gian Marco Lepri, a professional with extensive experience in the financial sector, has gone through several significant stages in his career. Born on 30 April 1953 and graduated in Commerce in Bellinzona, Lepri began his career as a manager at UBS Ticino, contributing to the local financial scene until 2009.


Subsequently, he broadened his professional horizon by taking on senior roles at the Private Bank Maerki & Baumann in Zurich, where as General Director  until 2016. His experience in these prestigious financial institutions has certainly enriched his skillset and made him a valuable financial advisor.


In addition to his commitment to the banking sector, Lepri actively contributed to the management and direction of GICAM where he held the role of General Director until March 2023. His leadership has certainly influenced the path of this organization.


Currently, Lepri holds the role of President on the GICAM Advisory Board, demonstrating his constant presence and influence in the financial sector even after leaving his previous position.

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